Hermoso Products

Hermoso Ceramics brings you the finest in the design tradition infused with the most modern universal technology in toilets and wash basins, to give you that ultimate sensual experience.

Each product comes with a promise to offer nothing but the best

Everlasting Shine

Chemical resistant, stain and bacteria free NAMI ceramic glaze for everlasting shine.

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Nami Ceramic
WDI Technology

Water Saving Technology

Toilets bearing the WDI label consume at least 20% lesser water, while still meeting stringent flushing norms.

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Efficient Flushing

Tornado flushing system cleans and flushes both the rim and bowl in an innovative way.

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Tornado Flushing

A meticulous collaboration of style and substance

Hermoso ceramics products epitomise stylish and functional design. Their purist forms enable them to be harmoniously integrated in sanitary rooms. Hermoso ceramics fittings come with few components, are modular in design, and ready-made with the necessary accessories supplied perfect prerequisites for speedy installation, simple care and easy maintenance.

Robust design ensuring quality

Our products and processes are distinguished by their conformity to all the relevant quality and safety features - confirmed by independent testing institutes.